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3-D movies top list of 3-D TV viewing experiences, says NPD study

Movies continue to rank as the consumer favorite among 3-D TV viewing experiences, with 93 percent of 3-D TV owners reporting they had watched 3-D movies at home, according to a study released June 14.

The finding is in line with 2010 findings that revealed 77 percent of consumers perceived 3-D TV viewing to be better suited to special events, such as movies or sporting events.

The study, “June Pulse: What’s Next for 3DTV?” from NPD and commissioned by the Cable & Telecommunications Association for Marketing (CTAM), found 64 percent reported watching a movie with others, and 63 percent said they watched a documentary with a friend or family member.

The study indicates 87 percent of current 3-D TV set owners say they are satisfied with the quality of their 3-D picture, and 60 percent report their TVs are worth the price.

In addition to high levels of satisfaction, the research shows a shift in attitude about 3-D glasses, described by many in 2010 as a “hassle.” Today, 47 percent of 3-D TV set owners say they’re satisfied with having to wear the glasses, and 55 percent are satisfied with the fit of the glasses.

When looking at 3-D TV owners vs. HDTV owners, the research shows overall satisfaction with the clarity of the picture is similar, as 87 percent of 3-D TV owners are satisfied with the 3-D picture, and 94 percent of HDTV owners are satisfied with their HD picture.

The study does show a need for more content. Only 40 percent of 3-D TV owners are satisfied with the amount of 3-D programming available.

The research is based on an online survey conducted by NPD’s Fast Follow-Up Program. Fieldwork was conducted from April 29-May 5, 2011, and consisted of a preidentified group of 3-D TV owners (n=332) and a preidentified group of HDTV owners (n=577). Both samples included individuals aged 18 and up. This study has a +/- 5.4 percentage point margin of error at the 95 percent confidence level.