3ality Digital facilitates handheld 3-D production

Burbank, CA-based 3ality Digital has developed a fully automated, remotely aligned camera rig for stereoscopic 3-D production. The new beam-splitter mirror TS-5 was on demonstration at the IBC2010 exhibition in Amsterdam. The lightweight (approximately 22lbs) camera rig accommodates a pair of box-style HD cameras and can be mounted on a Steadicam rig for complete flexibility.

The TS-5 features the same capabilities as 3ality Digital’s full-sized camera rigs, including precision motor-driven adjustment of inter-axial distance and convergence under the control of unique software to guarantee fast and accurate setups, camera alignments that remain precise and matched zooms.

At IBC, 3ality Digital also highlighted its existing TS-2 beam-splitter production rig and TS-4 side-by-side rigs, which have both been used extensively for 3-D productions around the world. The company’s ongoing 3-D training program, 3D IQ, also was discussed. The company said its goal is to teach the fundamentals of S3D production, to spur the creation of a pool of talent familiar with both the principles and the practical aspects, and to empower the economic and independent creation of excellent S3D entertainment.

These stereoscopic camera rigs are used in tandem with 3Ality Digital’s stereo image processors; the SIP-2100 controls a single camera, while the SIP-2900 can control up to eight cameras from the same base electronics. Both models provide all the functionality required for S3D acquisition, allowing the camera operator to align tracking and sync lenses, the stereographer to monitor and optimize the 3D experience, and the video engineer to match pairs of cameras for seamless color tracking.