16x9 unveils wide converter for Sony HVR-V1U

16x9 has released its EX 0.7X wide-angle converter for the Sony HVR-V1U and other compact HD camcorders.

The EX 0.7X easily attaches to the 62mm threads on the front of the camcorder's 3.9mm-78mm lens for 30 percent more wide-angle coverage than that of the lens alone.

Weighing 13.75oz, the EX 0.7X offers a sleek three-element design with state-of-the-art coated glass to produce clean HD pictures.

When installed, the EX 0.7X modifies the camera's original lens to a wider 2.73mm-54.6mm focal length. Or, using the 35mm SLR equivalent, the original 37.4mm-748mm lens broadens to 26mm-523mm with the 0.7X attached. The lens retains its full zoom capability without light loss or vignetting.

For more information, visit www.16x9inc.com.