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YES Network meets deadline for production upgrade with precision cable

A massive installation of video and audio triax and data cable from Gepco was needed for the network's seven additional camera positions and HD upgrade.

More cameras and HD quality were the most visible signs of enhanced coverage of the 2004 New York Yankees home games but, without a lot of behind-the-scenes work, the YES Network would not have pulled off its production upgrade at Yankee Stadium.

Heading the list of unsung technology was a massive installation of video and audio triax and data cable. Electricians installed 100,000ft of Gepco International VSD2001 video cable, 20,000ft of GA61812 audio cable, 10,000ft of LVT618 triax cable and 10,000ft of data cable in Yankee Stadium to help the network add additional cameras and upgrade to HD.

The primary goal of this video infrastructure enhancement was to support YES Network’s goal of putting viewers closer to the action during its telecasts.

YES Network added several low-, high- and mid-range cameras on both the first and third base sides as well as cameras in the outfield, behind home plate and in the field press box locations. Additionally, the network upgraded its internal production facilities to high definition.

YES Network hired Eos Technology Group to assist with the project. With a tight six-week deadline, Eos worked with Gepco to acquire custom lengths of triax, coax, data and audio cable for the existing camera positions as well as seven new camera positions.

Eos also specified 30 Gepco HDR hybrid electrical and fiber component distribution racks for the HD upgrade. The HDR system provided a practical solution to field installing the hybrid fiber infrastructure wiring required between the HD camera and CCU.

For the digital video copper cabling, Eos specified Gepco’s high-definition VSD2001 coax. The coax provided low attenuation and precision electrical and mechanical specifications, in a size that can be run over long distances without being too large to manage in patchbays.

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