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WTVO’s multicasting upgrade includes Sundance Digital

WTVO-TV is using Sundance Digital's FastBreak automation suite in preparation for multicasting.

WTVO, a Nexstar-operated station located in Rockford, IL, will install a Sundance Digital FastBreak automation suite in preparation for multicasting. The ABC affiliate will consolidate operations with WQR, Nexstar’s FOX outlet, plus a UPN station to transmit three channels from the WTVO master control facility beginning this month. The Sundance Digital configuration will include the Intelli-Sat broadcast manager to schedule and record satellite feeds; two media prep stations; an SQL server for database management; three air stations and a digital delivery management system (DDMS) module to integrate Pathfire-delivered content and metadata. The Sundance package will control a Leitch Nexio server and an Evertz mini master control switchers. For more information, visit

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