World Edition New Products - November 2003

Avid's Xpress Pro, plus other new products.


Avid Xpress Pro: Lets users edit DV, mix resolutions in the timeline and save space using the new 15:1s offline resolution; access 24 video and 24 audio tracks with unlimited layers, apply 2D and 3D OpenGL-based effects, edit true 23.976 media, trim and edit using JKL keys, and customize their workspaces; comes with built-in software “experts” such as AutoCorrect and NaturalMatch color correction, DV Scene Extraction, AutoSave and ExpertRender.
+44 175 365 5999;


Scientific-Atlanta: Uses PreSightPlus video preprocessing and statistical multiplexing technology on the Continuum DVP D9030 MPEG-2 encoder; allows operators and broadcasters to deliver more programming on the same transponder; reduces total transponder costs by reducing the number of transponders required.
+32 56 445 445;


Omnitek and Pixelmetrix Quality Auditor: Monitors digital video, embedded audio and metadata, and logs the analyzed data against timecode; includes integrated Pixelmetrix QMM picture quality analysis software with Omnitek's PC-based solution; selected errors and warnings are logged to an XML format data file.
+44 1256 881 110; 6547 4935;


Pinnacle Liquid Edition: Has real-time compositing, effects and DVD authoring, all within the same intuitive interface; uses both the CPU and GPU to provide more than 1000 real-time 2D and 3D effects; features Pinnacle's CX primary and secondary color corrector, and Dynamic slow-motion controls.
+49 531 2183 0;


Panasonic DVCPRO-based P2 series: P2 card: Stores 18 minutes of DVCPRO at 25Mb/s and nine minutes at DVCPRO50; P2 cam: Includes five P2 card slots, has a total record capacity of 90 minutes with 4GB P2 cards at DVCPRO; P2 editor: Laptop editing system based on Panasonic's Toughbook notebook PC; equipped with a PCMCIA card slot for P2 cards and an NLE software editing system; P2 deck: Links the ING system into the standard broadcast infrastructure; on-air transmission is possible from an OB truck using a P2 deck capable of handling five P2 cards and with interfaces and operation similar to a VTR; P2 drive: A five P2 card reader/writer equipped with a USB 2.0 interface that links the cards into a PC; provides one of the routes linking ING to newsroom networks.
+ 44 118 902 9200;


Harmonic Divicom MV 100: Supports Microsoft Windows Media 9 Series; features multiple output options; measures 1RU; has ultra-low bit-rate compression capabilities; supports advanced MPEG-2 algorithms and DiviTrackXE statistical multiplexing.


Leitch NEXIO: Provides a foundation for any integrated content environment; designed for both transmission and news environments; has fault-tolerance and interoperability; features new, high-performance single or dual Intel Xeon processors; runs the RAIDSoft system, which allows all channels and network ports simultaneous access to content for maximum operational efficiency; users can build systems up to 12TB in a single domain.
+44 1344 446 000;


Digital Vision BitLink: Supports extensive decoding and system modes, making it ideal for use in ATSC/DVB contribution and professional network monitoring applications; video decoding formats cover interlaced and progressive HDTV formats as well as SDTV both for 50Hz and 60Hz systems; both digital and analog video outputs are available.
+46 8 546 182 00;


Chyron C-Mix: Is 1RU; designed for use with Chyron's Duet character generators; can mix and layer up to four video and key input pairs, plus program video in any order within the mixer; has a bypass relay so program video is not lost in case of hardware failure; commands can be animated on the timeline and stored in a Lyric message for playback.
+ 44 118 921 4269;


Harris NetVX: Can support any contribution and/or distribution application; offers a plug-and-play upgrade path for the future; a single 5RU chassis can hold up to 17 software modules; analog or digital video, audio, and/or data can be transported over any combination of networks simultaneously.


PESA Cheetah: Handles SD, HD, analog and AES audio signals all within the new 448 Flexi-Frame; offers DAC (10-bit SDI to analog conversion), HD to SD downconversion capability via optional output cards, and/or dual outputs for HD, SD, or analog video.


Quartz Electronics QMC-HD: Can be used as a stand-alone system or as part of a mixed SD/HD system; offers multiple key layers, built-in Logo Store, two voiceovers, and signal protection features; audio capabilities are enhanced to handle the needs of 5.1 surround.
+44 118 935 0200;

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