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Wohler introduces portable broadcast HD test signal generator

Wohler has designed a full broadcast quality HD test signal generator that has all the functionality for most HD standards and several other features. The Penpal-HD is ideal for checking signal path integrity or to determine system performance and calibration.

The Penpal-HD test signal generator has a range of 32 video test patterns in 18 HD standards each of which can be combined with different audio tone settings. Its capabilities include three moving test patterns, pathologicals and four stereo pairs of AES audio embedded in the HD-SDI signal.

Penpal-HD measures 6in long and weighs less than 6oz. It can be connected to any type of video equipment or patch bay via the female BNC connector using the applicable BNC cable. It can also be powered using a 3V power adapter. Its portability lies in powering the unit from a 3v lithium battery.

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