WKMG implements first phase of HD news transition

WKMG Channel 6 in Orlando has transitioned its news broadcasts to widescreen HD using the Teranex V220 upconverter with FlexView 16:9 widescreen processing.

WKMG came up with an innovative approach to the HD news transition by implementing a phased plan. The first phase of the transition addresses the black bars on the sides of the upconverted news programming. To achieve this, the station used the Teranex V220 FlexView upconverter, which works with existing equipment and infrastructure to scale SD content to fill the entire 16:9 screen and get rid of the black bars.

Once the station’s studio production shifts to HD acquisition, WKMG will repurpose its Teranex FlexView system to convert B-roll and ENG footage to mix seamlessly with its HD studio footage.

For more information, visit www.teranex.com.

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