VSM Controls Broadcast Infrastructure at Asian Games

INCHEON, SOUTH KOREAThe VSM System by L-S-B Broadcast Technologies worked as the main control system in several OB vans as well as in the International Broadcast Centre (IBC) at the recently completed Asian Games, the largest multi-type sport event in the world after the Olympics.

Within the IBC VSM worked as the overall control system with access to the routers. VSM was also utilized for control and monitoring of modular equipment as well as for the scheduling of the 45 distribution channels for the whole IBC facility. During production 50 VSM hardware panels and 10 software panel GUIs were in place in the IBC.

The transmission schedule of the 45 distribution channels and status monitoring of the main feed signal changeover units within the VSM GUIs were displayed on large monitors in the CDT (Contribution-Distribution-Transmission) room. The CDT room served as the most important control room within the IBC facility. It was used for gathering, quality control and distribution of all signals to transmission lines and other users.

VSM was also implemented in the KBS production facility within the IBC, taking care of video- and audio-router control, Tally management and modular control and monitoring. Here 36 VSM hardware panels plus software panel were used..

During the Asian Games in total there are 9 VSM systems active in the IBC facilities and OB Vans of Korean Broadcasters KBS, MBC and EBS.