Vendor View, Geoff Stedman, Quantum

Expected tech trends:The "cloud" is no doubt going to be one of the hot topics at the show this year. Everyone seems to be trying to figure out what the cloud means to them, whether it's just additional off-site storage, compute (rendering) or something more, and more importantly, how to take advantage of a cloud-based model within their workflow. The economics, flexibility and scalability of cloud technologies all seem to be compelling, but only if you can move workflows to the cloud without sacrificing efficiencies or having to change all your applications. At IBC this year, I expect to see many different interpretations of using the cloud from lots of different vendors. The real question is going to be how does embracing the cloud really affect my workflow and make me more productive?

New at IBC: Quantum will be showcasing our new StorNext Pro Solutions, which are high performance storage systems specifically configured to meet user requirements for refreshing aging Xsan systems, meeting 4K production requirements and providing content providers with an end-to-end storage solution. In addition, we'll be launching our new StorNext Connect management platform for configuring, monitoring and managing StorNext storage systems. StorNext Connect dramatically simplifies the setup and ongoing management of StorNext systems, and gives administrators much better insight into how these systems are performing. Finally, Quantum will be expanding on our StorNext workflow in the cloud that was initially previewed at NAB 2014, showing complete cloud-based production, packaging and distribution workflows on content stored in the cloud.

Initial thoughts on 4K/8K: We see a lot of interest and early deployments of 4K within our customer base. Many production clients want to embrace 4K now for their acquisition and production because they want the highest possible quality at the production phase. Of course, this places extra burdens on existing storage systems that they were not originally designed to handle. With our StorNext Pro 4K Solution, we are enabling customers to produce in 4K today and allowing them to move to these new formats now. 

Favourite bar, pub or restaurant in Amsterdam: Always love a meal at Nevy.

How many IBCs to date; any IBC trade show tips:This will be my 12th IBC. Find a good pair of gel shoe inserts and your feet (and back) will thank you.

Mark Hallinger