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University of Arkansas installs Telecast equipment for campus broadcasts

The University of Arkansas relies on Telecast equipment to distribute video, audio, data, intercom and tally signals.

The University of Arkansas recently purchased equipment for moving video, audio, intercom, data, and tally signals between various buildings on campus and the Department of Media Services’ studio and mobile production truck.

A trio of stand-alone Viper systems allows the university to connect any building on the fiber infrastructure on campus to the studio and its fixed uplink dish. These systems also can be used to set up a teleconference between any buildings connected to this network.

The university’s production truck holds six Cobras, two Adder 322s, and two Viper II systems all installed on rolling racks. The Cobra units connect six triax-based cameras to the production truck with runs of fiber up to 3000ft. Cobras allow camera placement up to 20 kilometers away from the base station and provides all two-way camera/control signals. The transmit-and-receive pair of Adder 322 units connects every channel of incoming 24-bit audio to the production truck. Sixteen return audio channels support transmission of house feeds or confidence monitoring back at the venue.

Each of the two Viper II racks is configured with four 5122 card sets for four composite video feeds; four stereo audio transmits and data and contact closures; one TR5900 Ethernet card for network connectivity between the production truck and venue; and one TX5292 card set for transmission of HD/SDI digital video.

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