TV One rolls out 8- , 10-bit SDI converters, DA

TV One's SD-220DA SDI-to-analog converter offers 10-bit SDI-to-analog conversion.

TV One has introduced a new SDI-to-analog converter and analog-to-SDI converter; an 8-bit SDI-to-analog converter; and a 1x8 SDI distribution amplifier.

The SD-220DA SDI-to-analog converter offers 10-bit SDI-to-analog conversion with re-clocking and equalization of the input signal at distances of up to nearly 1000ft from the source. Providing NTSC, NTSC-J, PAL, or PAL-N output, the device is capable of managing 525 or 625 line signals and is controlled via front panel buttons and an LCD display. Component video output is menu-selectable.

The SD-210AD is a multi-standard analog video-to-SDI converter. It offers 12-bit A/D conversion and delivers 10-bit video decoding. It accepts NTSC, PAL-B, G, N, M and SECAM inputs and works with 525- or 625-line signals. Component video (YUV) input is menu-selectable in SMPTE or Betacam formats.

The 1T-SDI-V SDI-to-analog converter handles 525- or 625-line signals and provides NTSC, PAL, PAL-N and PAL-M output. Output standard selection is made

The SD-108M SDI distribution amplifier automatically detects inputs of 143-, 177-, 270-, and 360Mb/s sources and provides eight outputs with re-clocking and equalization.

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