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TiVo announces ad search for television

With TiVo’s new service, advertisers can reach viewers in specific markets with a certain product or service.

TiVo, the digital video recorder company, has announced plans to offer a television-based advertising search solution in spring 2006. Leveraging TiVo’s television search capabilities, the new product will deliver relevant, targeted advertising to subscribers that want to view particular advertising categories.

TiVo said leading media and advertising agencies including Interpublic Media, OMD, Starcom Mediavest Group and The Richards Group, have worked with it to develop the product. Agency research and development techniques will contribute in determining relevant categories of interest, such as automotive, travel, telecommunications and consumer packaged goods, as well as determine relevant pricing models.

Today’s television advertising is almost entirely delivered when adjacent to mass programming. TiVo said advertisers will have the ability to deliver television advertising, on demand and targeted to consumers, without the limitations of traditional television media placement.

Advertisers, the company said, will be able to reach viewers in the market for a certain product or service. Ads will be delivered to subscribers who can conduct a search for a product by category or associated with keywords, using the same revolutionary keyword search techniques offered with Internet advertising, resulting in increased relevancy for the consumer, as well as efficient, measurable results for the advertiser.

TiVo said the new offering will deliver non-intrusive, relevant, interactive advertising, on a opt-in basis. TiVo subscribers, if they choose to use the search capability, will retain control over their viewing experience through the creation of a viewer-contributed profile via the set-top box that will enable them to receive advertisements based on their interests.

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