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Telestream Simplifies Advertising Workflows with Next-Gen TrafficManager

Telestream has launched of its next-generation TrafficManager product for commercial ingest and media management at broadcast and cable television facilities.

Powered by Vantage, TrafficManger addresses several key challenges which broadcasters and cable/IPTV service providers now face. As more content is received as files instead of tapes, TrafficManager, automates media ingest from digital delivery services, processes, and delivers the media to ad-insertion or on-air servers. With hundreds of file formats to process in mixed SD and HD workflows, TrafficManager streamlines internal processes by automatically making decisions based upon media attributes.

TrafficManager also improves efficiency by providing a searchable web-based inventory of commercials which offers a unified view of all of the available spots for all teams. New dub list analysis tools give traffic teams early warning when commercials are not available, allowing them to narrow their search for missing files. New pause-and-resume capability allows fast tracking of high-priority work to ensure that last-minute deliveries make it on air. Importantly, TrafficManager includes new features that streamline the upload, review and approval, and validation of local and regional commercial files, which can represent the majority of revenues for a broadcaster.

TrafficManager includes integrations with all the major ad delivery services, integrated analysis for smart decision making, web-based inventory review, trimming and approval, and full file-based automation of regulatory requirements, including loudness correction and caption presence. Full transcoding, delivery to ad insertion or broadcast servers, and workflow automation are also included. TrafficManager is available in two models: one for broadcasters and one for cable and IPTV service providers.