Telestream, Matrox stream dance finals

Telestream and Matrox Video Products Group today announced that Mobeon used Wirecast Pro and Matrox VS4T to live stream the World Latin Dance Cup finals to millions of online viewers. The 3rd Annual World Latin Dance Cup Competition Finals hosted dancers from all over the world who gathered in mid-December Miami.

Wirecast Pro and Matrox VS4T was up and running in less than 15 minutes with a professional multi-camera live streaming system that was easy to install and use with off-the-shelf gear. The system allows the use of pro camera gear and switches between multiple sources, adds transitions and effects, records a high-quality stream direct to disk for on-demand viewing, and ISO records all the original camera feeds for a post-event documentary. Wirecast Pro and VS4 surpassed expectations, delivering excellent results at a fraction of the cost of the competition without sacrificing quality.

Telestream and Matrox recently announced affordable turnkey live video streaming solutions based on Wirecast Pro for Windows live streaming production software and the Matrox VS4 four-channel video capture card. Systems of comparable quality and value were not available at such a low price point prior to these turnkey offerings. The solutions bring affordable, high-quality, multi-camera live video production and broadcasting capabilities to sports groups, churches, schools, corporations and other live event producers.