Telecast Fiber Systems adds digital transmission to Cobra camera interface

Telecast Fiber Systems unveiled a new feature in its Cobra triax-to-fiber camera interface — a digital transmission of the bidirectional RF signals. Compatible with most triaxial cameras from Sony, Grass Valley and Ikegami, the new Cobra-D provides longer distances and increased reliability than previous models.

The Cobra-D supports all two-way communications between camera and base station — including component video, audio, intercom and data — over a single optical fiber. As triax-to-fiber converter sets, the units immediately digitize the wideband RF camera signals, locking in high signal quality at the origin. The fiber pathway eliminates transmission problems due to EMI, RFI or grounding. The digital fiber signal is also significantly less susceptible to optical back reflections and loss than analog signals. In addition, the Cobra-D offers approximately twice the range of earlier models.

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