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Tektronix to showcase new video test equipment

Tektronix will introduce a broad range of new video test, monitoring and measurement products at NAB2005.

Compressed video test system
The MTS400 series automatically monitors, analyzes and debugs live and deferred time video transport streams. It provides a performance analysis engine, along with real time video over IP monitoring, analysis and recording support for broadband video and VOD.

MPEG transport stream monitor
The MTM400 now supports RF monitoring and testing for virtually all of the globally deployed DTV RF modulation schemes. A variety of RF interfaces allows direct monitoring of signal quality, eliminating the need for a separate RF demodulator/analyzer.

HD rasterizer
The WVR7100 HD rasterizer includes the addition of Dolby E and Dolby Digital (AC-3) capabilities. The combination of HD, SD and composite video, as well as analog, digital, Dolby Digital and Dolby E audio inputs can all be monitored from a single 1RU form factor.

SD rasterizer
The WVR6100 has added capabilities for closed caption decode and display, safe action/safe title graticules, optimized Dolby Digital and Dolby E capabilities and remote front panel.

Product upgrade
The expanded MTX100 includes a remote triggering capability. When used in conjunction with the MTM400 MPEG transport stream monitor, the system can be configured to trigger on a fault condition detected by the MTM400 and initiate recording of the stream on the MTX100.

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