TBS to use ShibaSoku VC31MA converter for HD British Open coverage

Turner Broadcasting System will use the ShibaSoku VC31 series of multiformat converters for its HD coverage of the 2005 British Open Golf Tournament on TNT in July.

The compact VC31MA, featuring advanced Dynamic Vector and motion compensation technologies, will be used to convert outgoing signals from 625i/50 directly to 1080i/59.94, while preventing judder and resolution degradation. Additionally the unit will allow for conversion from European to U.S. HDTV standards.

The converter uses a Dynamic Vector Technology that calculates motion vectors in real time by dividing the image into blocks of 8 pixels by 8 lines. By comparing two consecutive image blocks, intermediate images can be generated by motion adaptive (both line and field) interpolation, resulting in a smooth visual transfer between fields.

Multiple intermediate fields can then be calculated by shifting the position of the moving image based on the direction and magnitude of the motion. As a result, video "stuttering," which often accompanies camera panning and the tracking of fast moving objects, is eliminated.

For more information, visit www.shibasoku.co.jp/index-e.html and www.turner.com.

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