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TANDBERG Television showcases end-to-end DVB-S2 compatibility at NAB2005

TANDBERG Television will introduce an integrated DVB-S2 demodulator within its TT1260 SD and TT1280 HD professional receivers. The demodulator captures QPSK, 8PSK and 16APSK signals from satellites at the receiving end for decoding into bit streams or composite video outputs.

Multi-pass HD technology will be demonstrated in its E5780 HD encoder. The technology analyzes when additional bits are required for certain scene changes and fast-action video sequences. Within a statistical multiplex of SD and HD encoders, multi-pass technology allocates additional bits to improve picture quality at these particular sequences.

DirectorV5, a secure content distribution platform will make its debut at the show. DirectorV5 provides over-the-air control of receivers and management of the receiver database. In place of traditional smartcards, the DirectorV5 has added modular, highly secure, embedded Simulcrypt Conditional Access systems within its receivers to protect SD and HD content.

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