Splice Here creates digital signage campaign for Best Buy

Best Buy’s integrated holiday brand campaign included in-store animations on digital signage, HDTVs, interactive kiosks and computer screens.

Best Buy recently turned to creative edit and design studio Splice Here to design an integrated digital in-store display campaign for the holiday season.

Best Buy realized the need for a more cohesive brand within the store so the retailer tapped Splice Here to animate its print campaign. Playing off of the campaign’s theme, “More Holiday to Give.” Splice Here came up with an integrated package of bumpers and created an extensive campaign with walls of HD and SD televisions, interactive kiosks and screen savers. Every single screen, TV and computer, is branded with the holiday look. The same look was co-ordinated with all store signage, Sunday circulars and BestBuy.com.

Splice Here produced 16 stand alone bumpers that feature either services or specific products (e.g., Xbox 360, iPod). In all cases the large yellow snowflake whisks across the screen in front of the tag “More Holiday to Give” and then swipes back to the right, digitally peeling the text away to reveal a featured product that hovers and moves around the screen.

For more information, visit www.splicehere.tv.

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