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Signage technology must ‘engage, inform and educate consumers at retail’

Digital signage systems, self-checkout kiosks, plasma screens and other equipment have transformed the retail landscape. But brands and brand managers, as well as retailers, must truly understand the new technology in today’s retail environment and harness it more effectively, Benjamin S. Weshler, president and CEO of The DSI Group, told a group at the HBA Health & Beauty America show in New York.

In-store merchandising has grown over the past 40 years with the proliferation of brands, but until now has not been recognized as an essential part of the media mix because it couldn’t be measured and it wasn’t as “sexy” as network TV, Weshler said.

Now the marketplace is recognizing this newfound religion of in-store, because traditional mass marketing is less effective at reaching consumers who are now more knowledgeable, more demanding and more savvy in their product choices – and certainly more pressed for time, he said.

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