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Seeking DAM case studies

The Global Society for Asset Management (G-SAM) is looking for case studies detailing successful implementations of digital asset management systems in the media Industry. G-SAM Executive Director Richard Eberhart will present a series of case study summaries during his keynote presentation at the upcoming Entertainment Asset Management (EAM) Conference in Los Angeles on August 30-31st. EAM takes place every year in conjunction with the Entertainment Media Expo.

This presentation offers G-SAM members an opportunity to have their systems showcased and garner recognition from G-SAM and their peers for solutions that have proven to deliver solid workflow improvements and financial returns. Unlike most presentations of this type, the presented case studies will have been judged by a panel of G-SAM board members, and edited into concise examples.

In order for a case study to be considered for inclusion in the program it must meet the following criteria:

  • Either the vendor or the end user of the DAM system must be a member of G-SAM.
  • Case studies must be concise and well written and provide tangible and verifiable examples of both workflow and financial benefits to the implementing organization.
  • Each case study must be accompanied by a list of contact names for follow-up by G-SAM.
  • You must be able to demonstrate the system in a real world operating environment.
  • You agree that all case studies presented will be summarized and edited by G-SAM to fit in the allotted time.
  • Only those organizations that have a representative in attendance at the EAM event will have their case studies presented.

Submissions should be emailed to Word or text formats are preferred, and must be received no later than midnight August 24 to be considered. Each case study chosen will receive a free pass to the EAM conference.

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