Scrub Supplies Avid S6 Consoles for Smoke & Mirrors New Audio Department

LONDON—Scrub, a division of HHB specializing in post production, has supplied three Avid’s S6 control surfaces and the latest Pro Tools systems for Smoke & Mirrors’ new London audio department.

The Avid S6 enables the engineers to choose the modules they need and custom configure the console layout to meet the requirements of each new studio. From the 16-fader S6 M10 console in Studio 1 to two compact 8-fader M10s in Studios 2 and 3, S6 is an extremely flexible system that compliments their short-form advertising and broadcast work.

Scrub worked alongside Smoke & Mirrors’ Head of Audio Scott Little to specify the equipment for each room. The new consoles and Pro Tools HDX and version 11 software was installed and custom configured onsite by Scrub’s technical service engineers. The new rooms have been fully booked since the launch, and the audio department is set for further expansion in the very near future.