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QoSmetrics provides real-time MPEG streaming video network performance quality testing

QoSmetrics has unveiled a new technology that will allow users to analyze the quality and performance of digitized MPEG streaming video in real time.

V-Factor provides specific delay, loss and jitter metrics and accuracy to network performance impairments. It allows video quality measurement from a central network point but with the foresight of how users might perceive them at their end point.

Release 3.3 features a new microcode for QoSmetrics NetWarrior hardware probes that provide real time video streaming decoding and video quality monitoring. This provides Internet Protocol (IP) Service Level Agreement (SLA) metrics such as delay, loss and jitter based on the International Telecommunications Union (ITU) standard Y1540/1.

QoSmetrics’ NetAdvisor – the central software monitoring solution – can be deployed in a service provider’s control room and users can access the NetAdvisor using their Web browsers. NetAdvisor provides both secured and un-secured access to users.

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