Audio Toys Paragon II: complement to ATI's Paragon II Monitor Console; contains 64 mic inputs with full routing, eight stereo line inputs with routing to groups or the mix busses, and four stereo line inputs with routing to stereo masters or the matrix; outputs include eight mono and four stereo aux busses, eight stereo audio groups with inserts, or eight stereo matrix outs with inserts; another output option is two main mono mix outs and two main stereo mix outs; other features include four-band parametric EQ, on-channel gate and compressor, true LCR panning with LCR audio subgroup capability, and Distributed Intelligence technology; enhancements available allowing channel and aux mutes, eight-scene or 256-scene snapshot fader recall, and full dynamic SMPTE-based moving fader automation; 800-642-8063; 410-381-7879; fax: 410-381-5025;