PESA provides OB routing solutions for several world broadcasters

PESA Switching Systems has supplied several broadcasters covering the 2004 Summer Games from Athens with routing switcher solutions for OB trucks from around the world.

They include:

  • Greece's Outdoor Broadcast Solutions, based in Thessaloniki, which has installed a PESA Jaguar 64x64 SDI routing switcher with 32x32 stereo audio routing in a 20-camera mobile unit used for soccer coverage from Kaftantzoglio Stadium in Thessaloniki.
  • Athens-based Satellite Productions, which is supplying two trucks for coverage of the men's and women's marathons in Athens. The first is an eight-camera Iveco truck featuring a PESA Ocelot 16x16 SDI routing switcher with five control panels; the second truck is a Mercedes unit outfitted with 12 cameras and a PESA Cougar 32x32 routing switcher with five control panels.
  • Korean Broadcasting System, which is delivering the games to Korean viewers in high definition with a Cheetah 64x64 HDTV module, Jaguar 64x64 stereo module and Cougar 32x32 SDI module with 105 control panels.
  • Munhwa Broadcast Company (MBC) from South Korea, which is using an OB unit equipped with a Jaguar 64x64 SDI routing switcher with 48 control panels.
  • Cinevideogroep from the Netherlands, which will use a 22-camera digital van equipped with a Cheetah 288x144 SDI router in a Flexi-Frame configuration to bring footage to Dutch broadcasters.

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