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Paralan announces the iS500 family of iSCSI bridges

Paralan has released its iS500 family of iSCSI bridges.

The iS500 family connects parallel SCSI devices to an IP SAN and merges direct attached storage (DAS) systems and devices into networked iSCSI storage environments.

Features include:

  • Wire speed iSCSI throughput
  • An initial IP address, and the capability to be used in DHCP over TCP/IP environments
  • Automatically detects parallel SCSI devices upon power up
  • Field upgradeable.
  • Built-in GUI is addressable by any Web browser through the Gigabit Ethernet port
  • Status LEDs for SCSI bus activity, self-diagnostics, power, Gigabit Ethernet link status and Gigabit Ethernet activity.

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