Novera Optics releases TurboLIGHT16 optical access transport platform

Novera Optics unveiled the TurboLIGHT16, a DWDM FTTx optical access transport platform that is the first PON system to deliver 20Gb/s of symmetrical bandwidth over a single feeder fiber.

Based on Novera Optics Lambda-PON automatic wavelength-locking technology, TurboLIGHT16 eliminates the need for wavelength-specific ONUs and eliminates problems of bandwidth sharing, bandwidth upgrades and mixed-service delivery over a PON.

The new platform uses identical colorless gigabit Ethernet DWDM optical transceivers for low installation and operating costs. It carries 16 1.25Gb/s bidirectional data streams using 32 independent wavelengths. In addition, the system provides the flexibility of mixed-mode capabilities, allowing transport at different bit rates on the same platform.

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