Nielsen measures audience response to SignStorey’s in-store network

Nielsen Media Research recently tallied the results of a month-long audience measurement study this spring focusing on SignStorey’s supermarket-based, in-store media network. Among the study’s findings:

  • 77 percent of viewers agreed that SignStorey was an easy way to learn about new products.
  • 68 percent agreed that the signage would influence their decision to buy the advertised product in the future.
  • 44 percent agreed that signage advertising would influence them to buy the advertised product instead of one they planned to buy.
  • 66 percent said signage would make them think more positively about the product advertised.

According to the Nielsen study, SignStorey’s 1124 grocery store network (now 1350 stores) attracted a gross potential audience of 57,050,000 adult shoppers during a 28-day flight, spending an average of almost 24 minutes shopping. Seventy-six percent of those people shopped or walked through the meat and/or produce sections, specifically where the SignStorey screens were placed, and spent an average of nine minutes there.

Nearly 22 million shoppers (38 percent) actively looked at, watched or listened to SignStorey screens. Nielsen also reported that SignStorey provided an unduplicated audience of nearly 9.5 million individuals who saw a SignStorey screen an average of 2.3 times during the four weeks.

Nielsen fielded intercept interviews and enumeration counts for a statistical probability sample of affiliated SignStorey stores, dates, exits and visitors. From April 24 to May 21, 2006, traffic counts were conducted at 40 stores and intercept interviews were conducted at 29 of those stores installed with the planned SignStorey configuration. Interviews were completed with 1072 store visitors age 18 or older as they exited the store.

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