NewTek ships Virtual Set Editor 2

NewTek has begun shipping Virtual Set Editor 2, a companion application to TriCaster that allows for complete creation and customization of virtual studio environments and visual effects without the need for professional studio space.

The latest release includes:

  • Standalone capability- A second license installed on a separate Microsoft Windows workstation in addition to the TriCaster system makes team collaboration possible.
  • Total customization - Every show can have its unique, signature look; every brand can create its own elements and incorporate into set design, identity elements, and even custom transitions with the included Animation Store Creator.
  • Photorealistic look - VSE compositions use high-resolution elements, life-like camera movements, and TriCaster’s graphics processing engine to evoke realism that stands up to close inspection. Multiple live video inputs can be placed within the set, scaled, rotated and even mapped to fit 3-D shapes.
  • Animation Store Creator - The switcher effects engine included with VSE 2 allows the creation of complex transitions with full-color, full-motion overlays.