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New software reduces time to air for Amber Alerts

Newsroom Solutions will demonstrate its adaptation of the Amber Alert notification software at NAB2005.

A new product to be shown at NAB2005 promises to reduce the time to air for pictures of Amber Alert notifications.

An adaptation of Code Amber’s XML feed will load pictures into ready-to-air graphical Amber Alert templates. Reducing the time needed to take an image of a possible abductee to air can be of critical importance in finding a victim. The adaptation eliminates the delay of getting the image to multiple stations and having their graphic artists integrate it by centralizing the graphic delivery.

Newsroom Solutions, creator of NewsTicker and a supplier of newsroom software for the industry, will demonstrate the adaptation at NAB2005.

For more information, visit NAB2005 booth C11719 in the Las Vegas Convention Center or go to

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