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New software alerts meteorologist of highly localized changing weather

WeatherBug Zoom 2.0 alerts station meteorologists automatically when a weather condition exceeds a predetermined parameter.

Television meteorologists can get up to the second conditions on highly localized developing weather conditions so they can better inform their viewers with WeatherBug’s version 2.0 of its Zoom software.

The software alerts station meteorologists of changing conditions from pre-determined weather reporting stations scattered throughout a metropolitan area.

The latest version of the Zoom software lets the meteorologist establish thresholds for a variety of weather conditions that once exceeded automatically trigger Zoom, instructing it to send an alert to a station meteorologist’s pager.

Zoom 2.0 relies on WeatherBug’s network of more than 8000 WeatherBug Tracking Stations and 1000 cameras to deliver live local weather content to broadcasters in more than 100 DMAs. Zoom 2.0 displays real-time weather data, camera images and time-lapse video in a dynamic on-air presentation. Broadcasters can show WeatherBug Tracking Stations or cameras from anywhere in their market, the region or the country to show relevant information for local or national weather stories.

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