New Products - U.S. edition


SeaChange ITV MediaCluster: patented approach that combines several media servers to act as one server; every server node is directly connected to every other node so there is no single point of failure; each server has its own multichannel I/O hardware and a redundant array of inexpensive disks (RAID); when a file is stored to a media cluster it's not just written to all disks in the node — it's also being written across every disk in every node in the cluster; this is called RAID-squared because the load is balanced, and there are no hot spots; due to the cluster configuration, every output has equal access.


DPA Microphones EMK4071 and ENG/EFP microphone kit: has built-in presence boost and a permanent 5dB soft boost at 4kHz to 6kHz; specifications include a pre-polarized condenser element with vertical diaphragm, a 30- to 40Ω output impedance and a total harmonic distortion of 123dB SPL peak; features two accessory kits: The DAK4071-E kit for ENG/EFP situations provides a range of mounting clips, pins and grids to eliminate noise sources and to provide inconspicuous placement.
+45 4814 2828;


Eyeheight legalEyes: meets EBU specification R103-2000 covering RGB color space and luminance levels; front panel enables up to eight predefined settings to be recalled; occupies a 1/2-rack-width, 1RU-high Eyeheight miniBox; employs full 10-bit signal processing of the 270Mb/s SDI input signal; features a one-touch R103-2000 setting; two independent SDI outputs are provided with the standard model.


PANORAMAdtv, a division of Wohler, MON8-1: contains eight 1.8-inch LCD screens; each has a composite video input, a loop-through output and termination switches; fits in 1RU; uses white LED backlights, which have a life span of more than 100,000 hours.


Panasonic AJ-SD755: offers jog/shuttle control and an IEEE 1394 digital interface to facilitate computer-based nonlinear editing; records for 184 minutes in DVCPRO25 and DV 4:1:1 25Mb/s digital component format; features auto-format playback detection for seamless playback of DVCPRO, DVCAM and DV format cassettes; compact 4RU size; performs frame-accurate, tape-to-tape editing.


Sony DSR-PD170: enables digital component audio and video acquisition in the DVCAM and DV formats; minimum illumination improvement for low-light recording increased from 2 lux to 1 lux; features a new 2.5-inch hybrid LCD swivelscreen monitor for improved viewing in bright sunlight; includes increased adjustment steps on iris control; has a lens hood featuring built-in lens cover; includes a larger handle, viewfinder and eyecup; includes additional record/start/stop and zoom controls on top handle to aid in one-handed operation; audio quality (S/N ratio) in the manual recording mode is improved by 6dB.


FOR-A Hanabi HVS-1000HS: is a one-M/E version of the two-M/E Hanabi HVS-3000H/S digital HD or SD switcher; supports 1080i, 24p, 720p and SD formats; 2RU system has two types of operational units available for different applications; comes with four inputs; can be configured for up to 16 inputs; four still pictures can be stored in frame memory; features four standard outputs (PGM × 2, PVW × 1, AUX × 1); has a maximum of seven outputs available.


Rohde & Schwarz R&S DVM: upgraded with the additional capability of monitoring and analyzing MPEG-2 transport streams to ATSC broadcast standard; R&S DVM 100 base unit allows simultaneous control of two, three or four transport streams at data rates of up to 216 Mbit/s; adding an R&S DVM 120 expansion unit increases the number of transport stream inputs up to eight with a maximum of 20 inputs per system; monitoring results and individual stream content are displayed on a high resolution GUI.
+49 89 4129-13779;


AJA Video Systems Io LD and Io LA: supports the highest quality 10-bit uncompressed video available - on both the digital and analog inputs and outputs; smaller and lower cost relatives of Io interfaces are application specific: Io LD is designed to work with SDI signals, and Io LA is for analog components or signals.



Pinnacle Systems/Associated Press integrated solution: now available; combines Pinnacle's Thunder multichannel servers and Lightning digital stillstore systems with AP's ENPS; applications work together, appearing as a single application to ENPS users; ENPS can be used to browse content stored on the Thunder and Lightning systems
650-526-1600; fax: 650-526-1601;


DPS dpsNetStreamer: now shipping; stand-alone Web encoding system allows users to encode live video and audio in real time to provide up to six simultaneous streams through a single user interface; outputs streams in RealNetworks, RealVideo and Microsoft Windows Media; features comprehensive professional I/O, video proc amp controls and input audio controls with VU meters
859-371-5533; fax: 859-371-3729;


Kaydara Filmbox 3.0: now available; real-time 3D content authoring and delivery tool features improved Control Sets, allowing 3D artists to animate CG characters without having to program complex IK rigs and work interactively with both inverse and forward kinematics; also features native support for Kaydara's FBX for acquisition of 3D assets from external sources
514-842-8446; fax: 514-842-4239;


ShibaSoku TS55A6: now shipping; generates 525 black-burst and HDTV tri-level sync at 59.94Hz signals and 14 TV signal formats; both inputs can be genlocked to ensure video components are synchronized; features a redundant system of dual generation modules and a changeover module, as well as the ability to embed eight-channel digital sound signals in SDI output signals
303-278-1111; fax: 303-278-0303;


Irdeto Access Delta Pay Per Time Card: enables a package or channel to be viewed for a pre-determined amount of time; users can view and pay for pay-per-view films according to the actual amount of time consumed; operator predetermines card lifespan.


TASCAM and Kamesan KS-342: has four mic inputs with 12/48V phantom power; has peak/VU meters; features PFL, ganging and submixing; includes AES/EBU digital output; includes an internal oscillator and a compressor on main out; has variable 20-200Hz variable High Pass Filter; weatherproof soft case included; has optional 3-channel submixer module and optional 4-channel 2-band EQ and compressor.


TASCAM and Kamesan KS-T2000: is a 3-channel field mixer; has an ultra-lightweight design with 12/48V phantom power; includes a multi-level stero output and 120 Hz High Pass filter; features a built-in oscillator and switchable headphone monitoring with EE output; includes a weatherproof soft case; has six-hour operation on four AA batteries.


Clear-Com RS-600 Series: has ultra-compact, body-hugging design; features onboard set-up options with display LED; includes advanced set-up options with free PC software; edit and store up to four different set-ups in memory; has an additional 2.5 mm cell-phone type headset jack; series includes both a standard single and dual channel units.


DvTec DvRigPro: designed for stability and comfort, freedom of movement and creative framing; pod is constructed of three spring-loaded telescopic sections; allows camera to float in front of operator; camera can be moved to any position for comfortable viewing; quick release camera plate, 180 degrees tilting and on-board camera light battery.


Solid State Logic Xlogic: new line of 19-inch rack-mounting outboard signal processing units; features SSL's SuperAnalogue audio circuitry; based on the XL 9000 K series console; is comprised of four units: XLogic Channel features SuperAnalogue pre-amplifier with mic, line or instrument inputs; XLogic multichannel compressor includes separate five-channel and LFE channel compression controls allowing separate treatment of LFE signals; XLogic SuperAnalogue mic amp provides four XL 9000 K series microphone pre-amplifiers in a 1U rack-mounting unit with optional remote control; XLogic G series stereo compressor is a 1U rack-mounting stereo compressor with front panel switches that allow the compressor and external side-chain signals to be switched in or out of circuit.


Gepco X-Band: available in single-, 4-, 8-, 12- and 16-pair versions; features stranded oxygen-free conductors; reduced high-frequency absorption; special foam dielectric allows for easy cutting and stripping with minimal wickback when soldering; quick ground termination with drain wire; includes the new G-Flex ultra-flexible jacket.


Genelec Triple Play: consists of two Genelec 1029A two-way, bi-amplified active monitors and a Genelec 7050A LSE active subwoofer; has in-room flat frequency respsonse; each component features an integrated active balanced crossover, driver protection circuit and dedicated amplifier; can produce peak acoustic levels of over 110dB SPL @ 1 meter.



Neutrik RCA phono connectors: RCA jacks feature isolated recessed sockets in nickel or black chrome D series style housings; either connector can be ordered with black, red, yellow, blue, green or white ID rings to enable color-coding for video applications; the new NYS 373 plugs feature gold-plated contacts; RCA phono jacks feature a rated current and voltage of 1A and 50V, with an insulation resistance of 5GW, contact resistance of 10 mW and dielectric strength of 500V; optimized for use between -25 degrees to +70 degrees Celsius.


Active Power CleanSource UPS: has four models in power ratings from 65kVA to 130kVA; stores kinetic energy in a constantly spinning, quiet, low-friction, solid steel disc; features Flywheel Energy Storage; has programmable input and output contacts; includes redundant cooling fans, back-feed protection and auto restart; has a static bypass wraparound contactor and a bi-directional converter; features Local Emergency Power Off (EPO).



Streambox ACT-L3: is a real-time digital video solution; includes the ACT-L3 Codec, a video compression engine; features adjustable video latency; automatic video and audio signals reconnect after loss of video signal or network connection; automated system restarts after loss of power and restarts the decoder from the encoder; includes back channel monitoring on PC or TV on T1/E1 and IP-based systems; has a customized standby image; has an automated 30 seconds system uptime, after power outage or from system reboot.


Sundance Digital Titan: centrally automate operations in widely dispersed locations; high altitude GUI allows monitoring and control of multiple active playlists; designed around a widely distributed processing architecture that separates the on-air interface from the actual playlist controller; includes multiple Air Control Stations, with each monitoring a group of channels that can change dynamically.

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360 Systems ImageServer 2000: has up to 100 hours of RAID storage; works with all automation systems; has gigabit networking, SDI and composite video I/O and AES and balanced analog audio; features fame-accurate head and tail trimming, with time code windows for Edit-In and Edit-Out points; all edits are non-destructive and can be changed at any time; the new GUI presents a rapid way to build, edit, name, save, and play playlists; clips can loop indefinitely; clips can play from any point, while it is being recorded.



Shure Microflex MX692/C: is frequency-agile with more than 100 selectable channels via its own integrated UC wireless transmitter; requires no drilling to install; is outfitted with a touch-sensitive logic switch which can be programmed for push-to-talk, push-to-mute, or toggle operation; has a frequency response of 50-17,000 Hz; features an on/off switch, active status indicator, battery fuel gauge, and a protective grille shielding its cardioid cartridge; operable within two available frequency bands (UA and UB); can be simultaneously utilized within a combined total of 32 systems.


Sony C-38B: has 30Hz to 18 kHz frequency response, selectable uni-directional/omni-directional directivity; sensitivity (0 dB=1V/1 Pa, at 1 kHz): -48.0 dB +2.0 dB; output impedance at 1 kHz (balanced): 250 'W+20%; has a dynamic range 116 dB or more and signal-to-noise ration (a weighted, 1 kHz, 1 Pa.): 70 dB or more.


Fairlight DREAM Constellation: supports up to 144 channels, 48 busses and up to 32 mono multi-track busses; can accommodate up to four QDC cards; can access channel control and configuration facilities either locally or globally; is 7.1 surround sound ready; monitoring buss system is completely configurable.