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New Products

RACK-MOUNT UPS Compaq UPS R3000 XR: small, power-efficient 3000VA system delivers 2700 watts in a 7-inch unit; includes both hot swap batteries and electronics; can provide voltage regulation without using the battery; option cards available for SNMP, networking and power scalability; other features include field firmware that can be flash-upgraded and an automatic bypass mode to allow for servicing without powering down protected equipment; 800-345-1518; fax: 218-514-8797;

MPEG-2 STREAMING SOLUTION Viewgraphics DTV:Net 2.0: features enhanced IP-based video transmission performance and support for multicasting, Linux OS and industry-standard signal protocols; new remote session management allows users to monitor and manage transmitters and receivers across the network; allows operators to prioritize IP packets to aid in system management and real-time traffic administration; 650-903-4900; fax: 650-969-6388;

MULTIPLEXER Video Products Group VPG4100: four-channel device allows broadcasters to utilize a fiber optic backbone for video transport of up to eight DWDM wavelengths on a single fiber; can be configured as a four-channel E/O or O/E transposer or a four-channel transposer/multiplexer; optional DWDM coupler allows for simultaneous bi-directional transport on a single fiber; features include support for data rates ranging from 34Mb/s to 622Mb/s and a link budget of greater than 20dB at 1550nm DWDM wavelengths; 888-375-2855; 805-383-5500; fax: 805-383-5519;

FLEXIBLE MEDIA DELIVERY PLATFORM Tiernan Communications THE1: new 4RU configuration is capable of encoding and statistically multiplexing up to eight 525/625 television channels for multichannel terrestrial, cable and DSL applications; offers parallel path operation for greater transmission security than conventional redundancy switched systems; available in either 4:2:2 or 4:2:0 configurations, allowing the unit to grow from four to eight channels as needed in the field; unit can also be upgraded from 525/625 operation to HDTV by adding a module; 800-323-0252; 858-587-0252; fax: 858-587-0257;

DIGITAL MIXING CONSOLE Studer Professional Audio AG On-Air 1000: features 10 channel faders and two master faders, two stereo bargraph meters, two phase correlators, and a monitoring and talkback feature set; offers integrated memory and the option of inserting PC cards to store preferred mic settings or console snapshots; features time sync, clock sync, serial interfaces and two telephone hybrid controls; two models available for use in digital and analog environments; +41 1 870 75 11; fax: +41 1 870 71 34;

CONTENT DISTRIBUTION SYSTEM SkyStream zBand: new software enables broadcasters to create, schedule and deliver media-rich branded Internet services, including regional news portals, MP3 jukeboxes and corporate training videos to millions of customers simultaneously; content can be sent seamlessly over satellite, television and cable, as well as broadband networks in conjunction with SkyStream Source and Edge Media Routers; 650-390-8800; fax: 650-390-8990;

COLOR CORRECTOR Sierra Design Labs deFlicker: new option for Revival digital film and video image restoration software; automatically corrects rapid or gradual changes in luminance or color in moving images, including color pulsing caused by differential dye fading in older films; equalizes flash frames caused by original exposure anomalies to match a frame chosen as a reference for the clip or shot; 800-400-8002; 775-886-5050; fax: 775-886-5060;

DIGITAL OSCILLOSCOPE LeCroy WavePro 960: has 2.0GHz bandwidth; samples at 4GS/s on each channel and can combine ADCs up to 16GS/s when acquiring one signal; features standard memory of 250kpts/channel and options of 1-, 4-, 8- and 16Mpts per channel; 64Mpts is also available for long single shot recording; 800-553-2769; 914-425-2000; fax: 914-578-5985;

DIGITAL STUDIO VCR Philips DCR 1500N HD: offers HD recording with eight channels of audio; compatible with standard-definition formats including DVCPRO50, DVCPRO, DV and DVCAM; can be operated with an optional internal converter board so standard-definition DVCPRO cassettes can be played back as HDTV signals; 800-962-4287; 818-729-7700; fax: 818-729-7710;

MPEG-4 SOLUTION Philips WebCine: turnkey solution incorporates an encoder, a server and player software; brings the MPEG-4 standard to IP networks, allowing streaming to extend to emerging wireless and broadband consumer platforms; WebCine can be adopted in multimedia-enabled devices such as PCs, STBs and mobile devices; 800-962-4287; 818-729-7700; fax: 818-729-7710;

CAMCORDER Panasonic Broadcast AG-DVC10: records up to 80 minutes of digital component video and digital audio on a single compact mini-DV cassette, for playback on all Panasonic DVCPRO studio VTRs; large form factor and IEEE 1394 digital interface allow for fast transfer of digital video into Macs and PCs for nonlinear editing and dubbing of digital video onto a DV recorder; the AG-DVC10 combines three interline transfer CCD imagers with 43mm filters and a large-diameter 12X optical zoom lens; 800-528-8601; 323-436-3500; fax: 323-436-3660;

HIGH-DEFINITION STUDIO SYNC GENERATOR Lucid Technology SSG192: designed to eliminate audible pops and clicks caused by mixing unsynchronized digital sources; allows users to avoid daisy-chaining word clock signals through equipment, thereby eliminating timing errors and reducing jitter; has four discrete word clock outputs, plus individual outputs for 256 Superclock, 1024 Lucid UltraClock, video and AES11 signals; 888-349-3222; 425-742-1518; fax: 425-742-0564;