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AXON Digital Design

HD/SD/3Gb/s downstream keyer module for Synapse includes four triple-rate inputs (two background inputs, one fill input and one key input) and outputs (two program, one preview and a user-definable output); features adjustable slice level and transparency, as well as transparency for 16 channels of embedded audio and all ANC data.
+31 161 850 450;

Adtec Digital

TV converter distributes HD and SD audio and video content over the digital television tier; allows audio and video signals from digital signage products, DVD players and TV receivers from direct-to-home satellite TV providers to be distributed over a digital cable system in a cost-effective manner.
+1 904 394 0389;


Digital fiber-optic video and data multiplexer transmitters and receivers support 32 channels of high-quality video with eight channels of bidirectional serial data; available for use over multimode or single-mode optical fiber; offer 10-bit RS-250C short-haul quality video performance; can transport video up to 20km between locations.
+44 113 307 6400;

Vector 3

Playout system includes automation, multiformat support and graphics features for full channel branding; supports a single SDI or analog input and simultaneous output; uses new multimedia technology, SATA storage and software-based processes such as VGA trimming and browsing to create a system for users needing numerous playout channels.
+34 934 151 285


Power amplifier module unites a high-performance, passively cooled amplifier with an IP66-rated, low-profile encoder; networking options include widespread wireless networking using FM audio distribution technology, Ethernet networking capabilities for wide-area distribution or facility LAN and twisted-pair networking for long-distance distribution; features a broadcast-quality balanced line input, second input and internal mixer.
+1 617 275 8898

Optical Zonu
SFC Transceivers

Dual-rate, single-fiber, full-duplex CWDM transceivers allow for a single-SKU optical link with identical transceivers at both the hub and customer premises; feature SFP-MSA digital diagnostics monitoring; work in conjunction with multiplexers/demultiplexers to support up to 10 business-class SONET/SDH or GigE customers on a single fiber with full-duplex operation over long-range distances up to 75km; provide data input required to support the operations, administration and maintenance features of IEEE 802.3ag and ITU Y.1731 standards.
+1 818 780 9701


Windscreen provides additional layer of wind protection underneath an existing zeppelin; features short-hair faux fur and fleece lining; rolls up tightly and packs easily into a small bag or provided carrying pouch; available in short, medium and long sizes; comes in 21mm or 19mm diameters to fit most shotgun microphones.
+31 40 848 2534


Portable CG offers specs and feature set of a full-size system in 1RU chassis; provides automated template-based graphics generation and real-time graphics overlay of live video; supports 16:9 and 4:3 aspect ratios, Windows IME multiple language settings and True Type fonts; meets SD-SDI and analog composite NTSC and PAL specs, including SMPTE 170M, SMPTE 259M with embedded audio pass-through and EIA-608b closed-captioning compatibility; available in SD-SDI and analog configurations.
+1 949 585 0055;

1×1 Low Profile

LED lighting fixture mounts flat against a ceiling or wall and sticks down 7.6cm from the surface where it is mounted; draws little power and can be operated from a 12V DC connection; cool to the touch and dimmable via DMX or control on the fixture; available in flood, spot and super spot configurations.
+1 818 752 7009

TV One
EDID Manager

Designed for C2-2000A series of video switcher/scalers; allows users to copy EDID data from a display attached to the unit's output and simulate its presence to a PC that is attached to its input, giving the scaler transparent EDID operation; holds multiple copies of EDID data in nonvolatile memory and allows users to select which one is shown to a PC on the DVI input; up to six custom EDID settings can be stored in the CORIO2 unit.
+44 1843 873311;

AV Toolbox

HDMI downconverter converts HDMI input, or DVI-D with optional adapter, to an interlaced NTSC or PAL SD video signal; provides analog stereo audio and coax S/PDIF outputs as well as reclocked HDMI signal; automatically detects the HDTV signal's resolution and is fully compliant with HDMI v1.2, DVI v1.0 and HDCP v1.1 specs; ships with an AC to DC power adapter.
+44 1843 873311;

Facilis Technology
TerraBlock 4.0

Shared file system enables write access for multiple clients on the TerraBlock Virtual Volume 8Gb Fibre Channel SAN; allows file-level and volume-level sharing on the same network; enables users to designate their virtual volumes as multiuser write or single-user write; supports up to 220Mb HD and uncompressed SD capture on a file-level Windows volume.
+1 978 562 7022;


Family of routing switchers features a wide range of signal cards that can mix and match signal types in a 1RU or 3RU frame; high packing density allows 17 × 17 SDI (SD, HD or 3G) in 1RU and up to 72 × 72 in 3RU, up to 144 × 144 stereo AES and analog audio in 3RU, or 36 × 36 in 1RU; includes an integral system controller; can be slaved from external control systems with control via Ethernet or RS-422.
+44 118 986 6123

NTP Technology

Router control system handles configuration, control and supervision of all router modules in an NTP audio signal distribution system; forms a communication interface to third-party communication protocols; operates through a network-based infrastructure with all communication based on TCP/IP link protocol and a 10Mb/s or 100Mb/s LAN/WAN interface; features an integral solid-state server providing fast control access and resources for additional control applications.
+45 4453 1188;


Eight-channel desktop audio vectorscope features peak program meters, a surround-sound analyzer with graphic display, and analog and digital inputs; supports 2/0, 3/0, 3/1 and 3/2 (5.1) formats; modes include 31-band RTA, real-time vectorscopes (two and four channels), multiphase meters and an AES/EBU status monitor.
+49 221 709130;


Rain poncho is sized to cover a user carrying a mixer and fully loaded sound bag; features front section made of transparent polyurethane, slotted hand openings on either side, long sleeves, two-sided bungee cords and anchor clips to adjust the hood, fabric-covered front zipper, and sealed and reinforced seams.
+49 89 32158 200


Single-screen 15in SD monitor handles composite/S-video/component (HD/SD) and VGA/DVI-D/HDMI video; features two SD-SDI inputs and an SD-SDI active loop-through; can display eight channels of PPM over VU audio level meters, IMD, safe areas, frame marks, cropping, switchable aspect ratios and built-in color bars; available as a rack- or table-mount system, or can be used with a standard VESA mount.
+1 510 870 0810;


Compact media extender enables long-distance transport of DVI, VGA, RGB and RGBHV signals up to 1920 × 1200 at 60Hz over a single copper for fiber interface cable; can be used as part of a switch matrix or as a stand-alone distribution module; supports 1080p and is based on SMPTE 425 Level A format specs; rack mount holds up to two units in 1RU and stand-alone includes screw holes for rack-rail mounting; includes a USB configuration port for setup and diagnosis.
+1 256 726 9200;

Cine 7+7 HD

Cine-style 100mm fluid head system features a front pan bar, sideload clamp, 6in wide displacement area, 16-step counterbalance and multicontact switching; offers payload range of 4.4lbs to 48.5lbs and seven horizontal and seven vertical adjustable levels of drag; available in five complete systems when matched with different types of tripods.
+49 89 321 58 200;

USB Battery Management

Application includes battery management software and USB to Anton/Bauer battery mount adapter; downloads battery information via management software, which automatically opens a file based on the serial number and manufacture date and stores all data for usage tracking; displays essential information as well as remaining battery capacity; offers a user-definable capacity trip point selection.
+31 45 5639220;

USB/FireWire Chassis Connectors

Connectors meet the demand for locakable and watertight digital interface connections; feature a sealing ring and D-style housing; offer optional screen-to-chassis grounding for improved shielding effectiveness.
+423 2372424;