NAB Unleashes New DAM Products

An abundance of digital asset management technology was debuted at the recent National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) convention in Las Vegas. Here are some of the announcements:
ASACA Corp. ( debuted its new blue laser-based TeraCart library at its NAB booth. Based on Sony’s new Professional Disc for Data drives, these new libraries offer more than double the capacity of red laser optical libraries and data throughput speeds comparable to tape-based solutions.
With the integration of Sony’s PDD technology, a single disc can store up to two hours of digital satellite high-definition programming at up to 11MB/sec, 90 minutes of DVCAM material, or up to 45 minutes of MPEG IMX material recorded at 50 Mbps (55 minutes at 40 Mbps, and 75 minutes at 30 Mbps). As a result, TeraCart users can access up to 800 hours of HDTV content.
Avid Technology ( (opens in new tab)) bowed its Unity MediaManager Select, which accelerates the production process by providing high-resolution, real-time video to anyone on the LAN, for shotlisting, triage and review. This option to Avid’s Unity MediaManager enables anyone attached to the Avid Unity MediaNetwork or LANshare system (even if they’re not using an editor) to browse, play and shotlist high-resolution video from their desktops over standard Ethernet.
Avid’s Active ContentManager for Broadcast is a content management solution that allows publication of news content to Web, wireless, ITV and other IP-based distribution points, all at the same time it’s produced for the newscast—without adding resources, and using standard authoring tools already in place.
Ciprico Inc. ( announced that its Network Attached Storage (NAS) product, DiMeda 1700, has been selected for inclusion in Sony’s new DVLince all-in-one digital production system. Combining Ciprico’s NAS appliance software with the latest serial ATA drive technology, the DiMeda 1700 enables real-time file sharing of up to 25 streams of high-resolution digital video. Sony’s DVLince system enables the professional production and broadcasting of video and audio content.
Blue Order (, Sony and Cyradis have teamed to offer a solution for NBC’s coverage of the Athens Olympics. Blue Order’s custom-configured Media Archive system will act as the central asset management platform that integrates both the Cyradis automation and NBC’s Olympics legacy information. During ingest, all incoming feeds will be registered with Media Archive and made instantly available for retrieval, browsing and EDL creation.
da Vinci ( and SGI ( showcased the integration of da Vinci’s Nucleas and Server Interface Option software with SGI visual workstations, enabling a smooth digital mastering workflow with unparalleled image quality during editing, film restoration, color enhancement and non-linear file transfers. The integration provides direct and easy access from the SGI Onyx 350 visualization system and SGI Tezro visual workstation to the advanced toolsets of the da Vinci 2K and 2K Plus color enhancement systems and the SGI DMediaPro DM3 HD/SD video I/O adapters.
Exavio, Inc. ( showed its ExaMax Media Server (MS) platform and ExaVault Media Storage System. The ExaMax MS platform, which incorporates the company’s ExaVault Media Storage System, is designed to meet the broadcast and teleproduction industry’s need for a more robust storage and networking infrastructure. Exavio demonstrated the ExaMax MS in a multi-seat HD and SD application, handling 20 MPEG-2 HD streams at 20 Mb/s and 200 MPEG-2 SD streams at 3.75 Mb/s.
Huge Systems, Inc. ( debuted its new line of SCSI Ultra 320 based RAID storage and SANstream products. The new SANstream and MediaVault U320-R Max, U320-S Dual Max and U320-RX Max disk arrays stream HD and SD content to a variety of widely used non-linear editing platforms with which the Huge Systems technology has been certified. These platforms include Pinnacle’s CinéWave and Liquid Chrome, Leitch Technology’s VelocityQ, and Blackmagic Design’s Decklink HD.
StorageTek ( and Rorke Data ( have teamed up to provide the broadcast industry with a comprehensive digital media archive solution that enables broadcast and media production enterprises to increase revenue, while achieving affordable, high-performance digital media management. The new infrastructure will support a full spectrum of content use and re-use activities, including: media capture and creation, storage media management, streaming and viewing of rich media, and content distribution and delivery.
Xtore ( debuted its “Extreme Storage” XD 2000 Series, a Fibre Channel-SATA storage array that is optimized for video and broadcasting, near-line archiving. disk-to-disk-to-tape backup and fixed content storage applications. It supports up to 56TB of capacity.