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The Mobile Television Group has added another teleproduction unit to its fleet of HD vehicles with the new 10HDX.

An advanced mobile production facility, 10HDX will be used to deliver HD coverage of sporting events throughout southern California.

The Mobile Television Group previously upgraded 6HDX and 5HDX with PESA Cheetah systems. With 10HDX, the company has six HD units on the road.

The 53ft-long 10HDX SD/HD unit expands to 13.5ft wide and features 14 cameras, numerous decks and replay/edit systems, and support for a broad range of incoming and outgoing feed formats. It is equipped with a 64x64 Cheetah HD router and a 128x256 Cheetah analog router from PESA.

The new truck, designed and constructed by Colorado Studios, officially hits the road this month.

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