Miranda unveils VertigoXmedia with VertigoXG graphics system

Miranda released its new VertigoXmedia high-end graphics automation software and platform suite, which includes the VertigoXG HD/SD graphics system with graphics rendering, crossconversion and playback performance features.

The VxScaler option for the VertigoXG includes an integrated SD/HD crossconverter in a graphics platform. This allows SD or HD video input to be branded, DVE'd, scaled and simultaneously aired on both SD and HD outputs. The bidirectional VxScaler is intended for stations simulcasting SD and HD channels.

The Xmedia suite offers applications for automatically creating, managing and playing out dynamic real-time television graphics. Its open and modular architecture allows the system to be scaled from a single user up to hundreds of users across multiple locations. The suite provides asset management, graphics creation, content editing and real-time data management, as well as work-order management and playout control. It streamlines the production process by automating the creation and management of dynamic graphics, interactive TV and Web content for newsroom automation, live TV graphics and channel branding.

For more information, visit www.miranda.com.