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London Calling: Clear-Com Supplies Venue Intercoms

HelixNet beltpacks being pre tested before being sent to the venues
Sometimes it’s called comms. Sometimes intercoms. In London, it’s talkback.

Whatever you call it, instant, reliable communication is key for the smooth operation of a sports venue.

Or 42 sports venues, located across Great Britain. And varying from simple, small stadiums to mountain bike or equestrian courses spread across thousands of metres. And each venue required a communications design tailored to the specifications demanded by an international sports federation.

It’s a massive task, but preparation and thoughtful integration, coupled with a modern, flexible communications equipment infrastructure, can tame an “impossible job” such as handling the venue communications at the London Games.

Clear-Com was the venue intercom supplier in London, providing event communications at all 42 venues. All of the vital communications to make the production of a sporting event run smoothly were included in this brief — the intercoms used by the event production team, PA announcers, sport statisticians, referees and more. An interface also connected the stadium event managers to the host broadcaster OB van.

Microphone live panel as part of venue announcer matrix panels
At every venue Clear-Com’s new Eclipse Matrix was the central system. V-Series control keypanels, HelixNet digital partyline wired beltpacks and headsets, and Optocore intercom interfaces and VoICE2 panels rounded out the equipment.

But it’s a task bigger than any one vendor, and Clear-Com was one spoke in a wheel that started rolling some two years ago when LOCOG began the tendering process. The job required the right mix of vendor support, big event experience and multiple subcontractors with a healthy mix of local and international experience.