Lenovo announces IdeaPad with WHDI streaming at CES

Lenovo has announced the IdeaPad S2, a 7-inch Android product that could make mobile TV viewing a lot easier for consumers. Mimicking what Apple has done with its AirPlay technology, the IdeaPad S2 will soon be able to stream content to TV from the tablet using WHDI technology. Users will still need to attach a receiver to the TV, as they do with Apple by connecting an Apple TV or an AirPlay-compatible device such as a receiver, but this is one of the few tablet solutions out there that lets an entire group experience a tablet’s content on the big screen.

The technology used by Lenovo uses a minimal amount of power, so using the setup will not drain the tablet’s battery unduly. Also the transmitted picture is sharp with no noticeable lag. Although mobile TV, such as live and streaming, as well as content playback, is the obvious use, the setup can also mirror anything on the tablet’s desktop.

Users can run apps full screen and have everyone see what is going on. Also, because the IdeaPad S2 is smaller, it is easier to use it as almost an advanced digital media control, cuing up entertainment.

The synergy between the mobile device and the large screen will be a constant trend in the coming few years. Lenovo did not have a lot of specifics of when this technology would be ready for consumers, but it is thought it will appear this year via various tablets and devices.

Although Apple has gotten a head start with Apple TV, the iPad, AirPlay (and, it is rumored, new Apple smart flatscreen sets), companies are playing catch-up with sending content from one device to the other. And 2012 could be the year this trend really hits the masses.