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Leitch Technology to bundle Ciprico's Huge and VelocityHD systems

Leitch will bundle Ciprico’s Huge Systems MediaVault U320RX and U320S dual max storage arrays with configurations of the Leitch VelocityHD NLE.

The VelocityHD and MediaVault system can process two streams of uncompressed 10-bit HD content with effects - at frame sizes and rates up to 1080i/59.94 - or up to eight uncompressed SD video streams simultaneously.

Leitch's VelocityHD combines the Altitude hardware platform with the Velocity user interface. It offers full-bandwidth HD playback of two video streams, two dynamic graphics streams, and optional real-time 3-D DVE.

Ciprico’s Huge Systems MediaVault U320RX and U320S offers two Ultra 320 SCSI channels to support 10-bit HD video, 200MB/s data rate throughput (per channel), and a soft failover capability that reconstructs and repairs marginal data automatically.

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