Leader HD/SD rasteriser takes London by storm

International Broadcast Facilities (IBF) and StormHD, a newly established postproduction house within IBF, have each selected the Leader LV7700 multiformat rasteriser. The LV7700 is installed in StormHD's online-editing color-grading suite and has already been used in postproduction projects delivered on SkyTV's new HD service.

Leader's LV7700 rasteriser enables waveform, vector, picture, audio and status/protocol screens to be selected individually or as four-in-one simultaneous displays. Source images can be captured and stored for subsequent superimposition over live measurements. Once captured, source images can be stored to Compact Flash memory card as a bitmap for production applications such as stage set and position matching as well as proof-of-performance logging.

The LV7700 can convert Y/Cb/Cr to Y/R/G/B or NTSC display to help with gamut monitoring and to assist in color correction. Y/R/G/B can be viewed as a waveform or bar graph display. Embedded audio monitoring features include surround sound, a multi-lissajous image and bar graphs.

StormHD and IBF both purchased their LV7700 rasterisers from Thameside, the UK partner of elQuip BV, Leader's Europe master distributor.

For more information, visit www.leaderinstruments.com.