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Leader enhances modular functionality for multi-format signal generator

Leader’s LT443D modular multi-format signal generator

Leader Instruments has enhanced its LT443D modular multi-format signal generator. Modules can now be added or changed by LT443D users instead of requiring factory installation, enabling the instrument to be reconfigured in the field.

Seven modules covering a range of digital and analog video and audio applications support the LT4443D. The LT443D is based on a 1U mainframe housing up to four plug-in modules. It comprises a main signal generator, controller and power supply unit. A 20-character dual-line backlit LCD provides direct readout of control parameters in conjunction with dedicated front-panel pushbuttons. A Compact Flash memory card allows measurement parameters to be stored in the LT443D mainframe for local recall or transfer to other LT443D-equipped locations.

The signal generator is Ethernet-compatible, enabling remote operation and genlock status monitoring. A 27MHz reference clock is incorporated. Plug-in modules can be individually assigned to provide simultaneous HD outputs at 74.25- and 74.25/1.001MHz respectively.

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