Latest controller from Digital View hits market

Digital View has a new SP-1600 controller that supports multi-input, general purpose and custom monitor applications.

Part of Digital View’s new Professional Class series, the SP-1600 is a fully buffered, multi-sync interface controller that provides direct analog and digital connection – PC, DVI and Video interface – to a wide range of TFT LCD panels up to UXGA resolution (1600 by 1200 pixels).

Features of the SP-1600 controller include:

  • Panel Development Kit
  • Serial Port Utility
  • User-Defined DDC Kit
  • Embedded Branding Kit

The SP-1600 provides full connectivity to TFT LCDs with resolutions from VGA through UXGA inclusive of 4:3, 16:9 and 16:10 aspect ratio panels. Features include up to 8-bit-per-color (16.7 million colors), OSD menu, function controls, image scaling, image control and auto picture setup, color gain and power.

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