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Laird Telemedia unveils signal converter

Laird’s LTM-6000D all-media signal converter.

Laird Telemedia has introduced its new all-media signal converter, the LTM-6000D INERTIA. Designed to operate as a stand-alone audio and video signal converter, the LTM-6000D performs signal conversion of all types of formats, including bidirectional conversion of IEEE-1394 DV, SDI, component video, composite video, S-Video, AES/EBU digital audio and balanced analog audio.

The LTM-6000D features SMPTE LTC and VITC timecode insertion and decoding capability, which allows users to serialize and deserialize external SMPTE LTC and VITC. This upgrades DV to broadcast-style timecode performance, a powerful tool for time-strapped post and production facilities. Additionally, the LTM-6000D provides separate BNC inputs and outputs for LTC and VITC.

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