Kramer introduces CAT 5 transmitter and receiver set

The TP-120 transmitter and PT-110 receiver are designed for transmitting computer graphics video signals at up to XGA resolution over CAT 5 cable with only one unit requiring power

Kramer's TP-120 receiver

Kramer Electronics introduced the TP-120 transmitter and PT-110 receiver for transmitting computer graphics video signals, with resolutions ranging from VGA through XGA, over CAT 5 cable.

The TP-120 and PT-110 send power down the CAT 5 cable so only one of the two needs to be powered. This capability facilitates installation in locations where providing power can be difficult, such as placement of the receiver in a ceiling with a projector mount.

Level (gain) and EQ controls, which can compensate for long distance signal runs, are located on the TP-120 receiver rather than the PT-110 transmitter. The TP-120 is housed in a compact Kramer TOOLS enclosure, and the PT-110 is housed in an ultra-compact Kramer Pico TOOLS enclosure. These models are also compatible with other Kramer computer graphics video over CAT 5 transmitters and receivers.

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