Keywest debuts multichannel controller/player

At InfoComm 2005, Keywest Technology’s MX7 MediaXtreme was shown in two-channel and four-channel configurations that offer control over playback and scheduling of video, graphics, text and layers for each channel.

Keywest Technology introduced the MX7 MediaXtreme, a multichannel digital signage controller/player specifically designed for independent control over multiple displays. Initially available in two-channel and four-channel versions, the MX7 offers playback, scheduling and control independently for each channel.

The controller/player allows users to playback a single source, break it up and display individual portions in a video-wall configuration. Other features include multimedia functionality, MPEG video playback, multiple independent graphics layers and event scheduling and management.

The two-channel version of the MX7 will be available in July, and the four-channel model will ship in Q4 2005.

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