JVC unveils new 3-chip LCoS projector

JVC Professional’s new DLA-HD10K projector contains the company’s three-chip D-ILA technology.

JVC introduced the DLA-HD10K projector for the custom installation market. The latest addition to JVC’s family of HD projection systems features a proprietary three-chip direct drive image light amplifier (D-ILA) technology, a form of liquid crystal on silicon (LCOS) that provides greater pixel density than technologies such as DLP or LCD.

The DLA-HD10K offers native 1920 x 1080 resolution and uses non-moving mirror reflective technology to produce smooth, high-resolution images. In addition, the high-resolution lenses have motorized zoom and focus with a 0 percent to 60 percent vertical offset.

For more information, visit http://pro.jvc.com.

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