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For TV stations with MXF cameras or VTRs, including XDCAM and P2, JustEdit has developed vsnscenes. This new low-cost editor allows low-resolution proxy preview in variable speed directly from the chosen format and selection of a list of clips or sub-clips. This process generates an edit decision list.

The equivalent high-resolution content is automatically uploaded to the shared video servers. If the VTR is connected to a sole workstation, the system manages users queues and controls the MXF device.

The product also enables the management of the associated metadata, fully automatic disk content upload, creating EDLs on the low-resolution content, voice-over, import of the EDL created by the cameraman or deck operator and the selection of MXF as the standard for the rest of the tapeless workflow or a lossless transcoding to AVI for the selected high-resolution files.

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