iQ Digital turns to Ikegami Editcam3

Ikegami’s DNS-33W Editcam3 lets iQ Digital in Akron, OH, eliminate the time previously required to digitize footage and reduce overall project-cycle time.

Akron, OH, -based iQ Digital has chosen Ikegami’s DNS-33W Editcam3 high-performance ENG/EFP camera because of its performance and tapeless workflow efficiencies.

Recording Editcam digital clips to a removable nonlinear FieldPak allows iQ Digital to drop footage into its Avid Unity editing systems immediately after acquisition, eliminating the time previously required to digitize footage and reducing overall project-cycle time.

Introduced more than 10 years ago, Ikegami's Editcam is now in its third generation with the DNS-33W Editcam3, a 2/3in 520,000-pixel Advanced Interline Transfer, AIT, CCD camcorder with features like Retroloop, Intelligent Recording and Timelapse Recording. Editcam records to either hard drive FieldPak or solid-state RAMPak media.

Current FieldPak capacities achieve 80GB; RAMPaks at present offer 16MB. FieldPak2 can record six hours of DV25 digital video, with DV50 and IMX formats available as options.

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